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Does your Macbook or iMac suffer from a fault?

We are able to repair most faults what the Macbook Pros suffer from, from a simple battery change down to board repairs. Many time apple will write your machine off saying its unrepairable, we see many of these and with our skill and knowledge we can get most of these machines working again.

Some of the common fails.

  • Fluid Damage.
  • Not Charging.
  • Not Turning on.
  • Black Screen.
  • Wont boot into OSX

A example of a customers 2013 MacBook Pro 13″

Customer visited local apple apple store explain this issue. Which was they was feeding the bady and the baby vomited on to the MacBook. The apple genius took out back of the store ten mins later returned and explained to the lady that her £1,500 MacBook was unrepairable due to liquid damage, they even showed the lady the water markers had been set off.

Bringing the unit to us we stripped the unit down cleaned all the vomit from the machine, replaced the keyboard with a genuine unit and replace a small component on the motherboard. Total cost £175